8 non-cliche date ideas to spice up your love life

8 non-cliche date ideas to spice up your love life

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in a dating rut and going out to dinner and a movie every time you feel like seeing your significant other. Most movie theaters don’t have the best atmosphere, making it difficult to really connect with your date, and dinner dates have the same problem. If you’re looking for fun new date ideas that will spice up your love life, here are 8 non-cliche suggestions to get you started!

Go on a walk

You’ll have to get creative when it comes to brainstorming date ideas, but why not try going for a nice walk with your significant other? It’s a simple activity that will give you time to get to know each other better. Plan ahead by picking up any snacks, drinks, or playthings that may be needed for your outing. You could also take an afternoon stroll around your neighborhood and see if you can spot any new things in the area.

Non-cliche date ideas don’t need to just be focused on finding ways to spend your time together – they can also be ways to find out more about one another, enjoy each other’s company and give yourselves a few minutes away from life’s pressures and expectations!

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Play miniature golf

Rather than playing a round of golf with your significant other, swap things up and play miniature golf. This game offers the same fun without being too strenuous on your body or the bank account. And don’t forget to offer to buy drinks at the mini-golf bar afterward. This is one date idea that will have you getting in touch with your competitive side while enjoying a low-key and relaxing evening out with your honey.

Play carnival games

Playing carnival games is a great date idea for couples who are bored of the movie and dinner date night. You can challenge your skills at food-spitting, or take turns throwing objects at each other to knock them down. Remember to have fun and make this activity as competitive as you can.

Go ice skating

Dating can sometimes feel a little mundane, and maybe you’re looking for something new to spice up your love life. Here are some ideas for activities that will turn your date night into a Great Gatsby moment.

Skating is an ideal winter date because it’s on the cold side, but there’s always enough heat from you to keep your sweetheart warm! Plus, there’s something about being pulled around by a strong man that never gets old.

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Visit an art gallery

Exploring the art scene is a great way to both have fun and learn something new. The trick to not making it cliche is to go outside your comfort zone- consider visiting an artist who has a completely different medium or style than you, or try an event like live theatre. One of my favorite places to visit in Chicago is the Art Institute; not only are there beautiful paintings, sculptures, and installations on display but they also have some fantastic special exhibits. So if you’re feeling underwhelmed by your routine date ideas- don’t feel like you need to stay inside the movie theater all night just because it’s old-school date night. There are so many interesting places that might make for more compelling date nights.

Go shopping

  1. Go shopping- It can be hard to find the perfect dress for a date night when you’re on a budget, but if you find yourself in a store that has beautiful dresses at low prices, it can be such an adrenaline rush trying to decide what to buy! The excitement of buying your date the perfect dress will make your evening so much more memorable.
  2. Find out about their favorite hobby- If your partner has a passion for something that not many people know about, then this is where you need to step in and try and share that interest with them. Maybe they love going down abandoned mines or dressing up like princesses; these are things they would normally keep to themselves and sharing them with you could bring both of you closer together than ever before.

Watch old movies at home

It’s no secret that dinner and a movie are one of the most cliche date ideas out there. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some alternatives that are sure to spice up your love life.

– Watch old movies at home: The beauty of watching old movies at home is that it gives you the opportunity to finish on your own time. There’s not a moment when you have to keep glancing at your watch, worried that dinner and a movie will end before you do. So have some snacks (or dessert!) available, curl up with your honey and watch Cary Grant or Audrey Hepburn charm their way across the screen.

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Have dinner at home

Spice up your love life by getting in touch with your romantic side and creating a dinner that combines fine food with a dazzling ambiance. From dinners illuminated by candles to an informal feast cooked up in the kitchen, here are eight date ideas for the lovebirds among us.

Quiet dinner for two at home – This date idea is perfect for a more formal dinner date where you want to impress your partner without seeming too flashy. Light some candles around the house and cook up a fancy meal while playing soft music in the background to create an intimate, luxurious mood.

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