5 surefire signs that someone has blocked your number on their iPhone

If you’ve tried to call someone, only to be greeted by their voice mail when they don’t pick up, it could mean one of two things – either your friend or family member simply isn’t answering the phone (which happens more often than you might think), or they are intentionally blocking your number from contacting them. If you have an iPhone, you can find out which it is by taking note of these five signs that someone has blocked your number on their iPhone.

1) No Ringtones

If you notice the other person never shows up as a missed call or missed message, it could be a sign that they’ve blocked your number. Another sign is if the individual answers a call from you with silence, meaning it rings but nobody answers. If the caller uses *67 before calling someone’s phone and the receiver picks up then hangs up or hangs up right away, then this is another sign that they’re blocking you. You might also get in contact with them and notice they keep disappearing during text conversations—this could be because they’re changing texts quickly when they receive one from you, which indicates they have hidden all of them.

2) No Texts

  1. The person you’ve texted will never text back, no matter how many messages you send. This can happen when the person is ignoring the texts, or has turned off notifications for texts from the phone in question. However, if it’s a group text message and this happens with all members of the thread but one, it could be because only one person saw your message.
  2. Your ex-partner might have deleted all of your phone numbers out of their contacts.

3) No Caller ID

It may be hard to detect if someone is blocking you if they do not give any other sign or show any interest in talking to you. At the same time, it’s always possible for them to change their mind about whether or not they want to talk to you, and just unblock you without warning. If there is no caller ID available then callers will see something like No Caller ID. This usually means that the person called was blocked. Callers will also see something like Blocked by Carphone Warehouse which means the user had subscribed with a phone company and the provider had imposed a block on them.

4) Can’t Call Them Back

While it may be tempting to call them back and try to get through, there are several things you should know about the situation before deciding to make the call. This could range from anything from not having a phone signal in their area, all the way up to actively blocking your number. Even if they can’t answer or have it turned off, with caller ID everyone knows who is calling which makes for a pretty easy decision for those who want to block a certain person.

1) Every time you call them, an error message saying can’t connect pops up.

5) Notifications Don’t Show Up

The first way to know if someone has blocked your number is to check for notifications. You’ll be able to tell if you have any missed calls, unread text messages, or unheard voicemails. If there are no notifications from a person’s phone number, it may mean they have chosen not to send them through.

The second way is to go into the call log and see if the contact’s name doesn’t come up when scrolling through the list of outgoing and incoming calls. Not seeing the name might mean that contact was deleted or deactivated and hasn’t been restored yet by the user.

Another way is by going into FaceTime and looking at the contacts in Contacts where we will be able to see their name as well as their photo.

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