3 Ways to Add Multiple Photos to Your Instagram Story

3 Ways to Add Multiple Photos to Your Instagram Story

Ever wonder how Instagram Stories differ from Snapchat? One of the most notable differences between the two social media platforms is the layout of the app and their features. On Instagram, you can add multiple photos to your Story, while Snapchat only allows one photo at a time. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t upload multiple photos to Instagram. With these tips, you can add as many photos as you like to your Instagram Story!

1) Copy + Paste Method

One of the best features of the latest update is being able to post up to ten photos at a time for your story. Let’s say you are sharing a dinner party and want to share your favorite moments. Simply press down on the screen and each photo will start popping up. Swipe left or right to move between them and tap on one that you would like people to see, then tap Done. That’s it!

You can also add another photo by holding down on your screen and pressing another picture. The first picture will disappear after you pick a second one. When you are done adding pictures, swipe up and press Done again. That’s it! You now have two photos in your story!

2) Third-Party App Method

(1) Copy the URL of a photo you want in your story and click the pinch icon. This will prompt you to select where you want it to appear in your story; (2) go through and add each additional photo as a URL as well, but instead of clicking the pinch icon, tap on done; (3) tap add caption.

In contrast, an alternative method for adding multiple photos is with a third-party app that integrates with Instagram. This can be a good choice if you have limited storage on your phone because most third-party apps will upload your photo as well as copy it onto your phone. To add multiple photos using a third-party app, just select one or more images in that app and tap share. The option to share through Instagram will appear so you can select it. You’ll then be prompted with options of where to add each photo in your story, which will automatically generate captions (e.g., 1 of 2). If you want more than two photos in your story, repeat steps 3 and 4 until done.

3) Automatic Posting Methods

  1. Planning ahead of time To avoid having to individually add photos after they’ve been taken, you can use the Instagram Direct Message feature before taking them. 2. Posting as a series While this option has a small up-front time commitment in terms of planning, it’s worth it to make editing your story simpler and easier later on. You can also adjust your settings so that all the photos in the series are turned into gifs! 3. Batch editing After you take a batch of photos, open them in the Photos app (which is now built into iOS). Select all the ones you want to post on your story and tap Share. Select Instagram. Next select Add To My Story.

Now that you’ve got your photos in place, you can choose how you want them to display on your story. You have a lot of flexibility with using multiple photos; you can use all three slots if you want, or just one if it works better for your posts. If you have a series of photos, like with our example at an event or party, they’ll be presented as a slideshow across multiple frames. With a single photo and few captions, however, each picture will simply be displayed as part of your story. It’s up to you! Depending on which method you’re using for posting (direct message or importing), follow those instructions for adding additional pictures.

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